Transcripts are the backbone of any admissions process. Whether you're evaluating undergraduate or graduate applicants, new students, or transfer students, the application can't be complete without a transcript.However, the most common format for sending transcripts, Portable Document Format (PDF), poses significant challenges. PDFs, while convenient for electronic transmission, are not optimized for seamless integration into your college's system. As a result, many colleges and universities resort to manual data entry by their staff, leading to inefficiencies, delays, and errors in the evaluation process.

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Inefficiencies Galore

Hundreds or even thousands of PDF transcripts require manual entry, consuming valuable time and resources of your dedicated staff.

Lack of Accuracy

Outdated OCR technology lacks accuracy, requiring time-consuming reviews and corrections for flawless transcript data conversion.

Delayed Evaluations

The current system causes delays in evaluating students' applications, potentially impacting their experience and your institution's reputation.

Automation is the Key

Sia's Auto Transcript Processor (ATP), offers revolutionary technology to streamline your admissions process. ATP converts PDF transcripts into machine-readable formats, seamlessly integrating data with your Student Information System (SIS) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) account within minutes, eliminating manual intervention and delays. With a template-free engine, ATP can process any student transcript format in seconds, achieving unmatched accuracy of over 99.9% through advanced machine learning algorithms.

Why Sia™ - The Next-Gen Transcript Reviewing Solution

automated transcript processing

The decision to go with Sia was an easy one as it is a template free and AI-driven solution that delivers speed, accuracy, and efficiency, making it an invaluable tool for handling transcript processing tasks. Implementing an AI solution might sound intimidating, but working with the implementation and support team at OneOrigin made it quite easy.”- Daniel MacElveen, Director of Enrollment Technology & Operations

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