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    Sia, with its out-of-the-box intricate image recognition algorithms, can read, detect and extract courses, programs, credits, and GPA-related metrics from any transcript instantly. Once the transcripts are processed, the extracted data is then pushed automatically to a College or University’s  Student Information system and/or Customer Relationship System and/or any other systems.


    Purpose-built for HigherEd

    Sia is powered by a unified AI engine that includes purpose-built Natural Language Processing (NLP) models and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms tailored specifically for reading transcripts in higher education. This technology enables Sia to automatically acquire and refine knowledge from new datasets, without any human intervention.


    Sia offers seamless integration with hundreds of software applications commonly used in higher education today, supported by its own REST APIs and OneOrigin's highly experienced professional integration services team.


    Sia’s automated security controls strictly adhere to SOC2 and FERPA standards, ensuring that your data is never used for any purpose except what is intended. 


    Next-gen transcript processing experience

    Sia offers next-generation transcript processing experience by enabling swift and error-free processing of numerous transcripts in mere seconds. This improves both the efficiency and accuracy of transcript processing to ensure a seamless and reliable experience.

    Cost Savings

    Institutions can achieve personnel resource savings as Sia frees up personnel from mundane data entry jobs, allowing them to focus on more important tasks, such as reviewing applications and making admissions decisions.

    Financial Impact

    Institutions can alleviate pressure on the admissions office to enroll additional students and replace those who have withdrawn by using Sia to reduce transcript fulfillment time, leading to expedited admissions and improved service to students.

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