Auto Machine Learning

With the power of Reinforcement Learning, Sia™ auto trains from the conversation between the Support Agent and User.

End-End Chat Encryption

The chat transcripts are 100% secure and are accessible only by the user and any PII data from the conversation, gets auto masked and deleted.

Completely User Friendly

A simple interface allowing the user to switch between the AI and Human support in a click, all within the same window.

AI-Powered Live Assist

There are high chances that live agents may not be aware of all kinds of information the users want and that results in incomplete, inconsistent, or even wrong answers. Sia can assist your live agents by evaluating the message and present a recommended response to them. Sia increases accuracy, speed, relevance, and consistency by helping agents and users.

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How does this work?

AI-powered Live Assist feature enables Sia™ to consistently monitor the live chat between the agent and the user, and wherever the AI response is available, notify the agent through a pop-up and the agent can use that answer rather than spending his time searching for the response with just a single click.

And for unfamiliar topics, Sia analyzes the information exchanged between the student and the live agent, and learns instantly using Neural Network powered by REIN along with deep learning algorithms. Sia is automatically trained to handle these types of requests in the future.

Seamless Chat Transfer

If any of your live agent might not be the right person to handle a particular request and then the live agent can transfer the chat to another agent who would be a perfect fit to handle those requests. The chat transfer process is seamless and all happening within the same interface.

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Response Tuner

You can analyze the feedback from your users on a particular response provided by Sia and if necessary, you can modify the response right from the dashboard, through Response Turner, which allows response modifications and instant correction to the already trained responses.

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