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Auto Machine Learning

With the power of Reinforcement Learning, Sia™ auto trains herself in processing the transcripts.

Quick & Accurate

Sia's algorithm analyzes transcripts with 100% accuracy in seconds, with no room for human error.

User Friendly Interface

A simple interface that allows users to upload images or transcripts to analyze, all within the same window.


Processing a high volume of transcripts each semester poses a considerable challenge for your Admissions team. This entails not only handling transcripts but also maintaining a rigorous commitment to error-free processing within strict deadlines. The continual influx of transcript requests further escalates the likelihood of manual or human errors. Every transcript's distinct characteristics contribute to elongated processing times, especially when relying on manual methods. Consequently, this can lead to processing periods spanning several weeks, creating delays that disrupt your overall workflow. This inefficiency affects your capacity to provide prompt responses to students and can result in an accumulation of administrative backlog.

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AI-powered Automation is the key

AIRR's automated approach eliminates the need for manual intervention and can instantly process an array of transcript formats from around the world, significantly reducing errors. With AIRR, you can expect a remarkable reduction in processing time, which enables your institution to provide faster responses to students while easing the burden on your Admissions and Enrollment teams.

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Benefits of Automated Transcript Processing

Accelerated Transcript Processing
Efficient Resource Utilization
Improved accuracy
Timely delivery

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