AI Student Engagement Increase - Boost Learning with AI

Increase Student Engagement

AI Student Engagement Increase - Boost Learning with AI

Increase Student Engagement

Technology is an important tool that enhances the educational experience for students today. As the use of AI technology increases by the day, institutions should embrace upgrades in technology. In the classroom, technology can increase learning, efficiency, productivity, and results. Such technology provides students with engaging tools to learn as well as prepares them for the workforce. Digital tools such as artificial intelligence (Al) and virtual reality (VR) increase student immersion and motivation and strengthen student-teacher engagement. Let’s dive into more ways in which Al technology is improving student engagement.

A tool for educators 

Not only do students benefit from new AI technology, but teachers do as well. Al is a tool for teachers, especially when it comes to efficiency and productivity. Such tools can be used to create lesson plans, increase support for students, and boost student engagement in the classroom. This also allows teachers to create more personalized learning plans and identify methods that fit individual learning styles.

Incorporating the technology that students already use such as their mobile devices in the classroom, can create more opportunities for more engaging content and it can spark more creativity and curiosity, leading to greater academic success. Virtual reality and augmented reality contribute to creating a livelier classroom and a more inclusive learning environment and experience that fosters collaboration between AI and education.

Personalised learning

The use of Al technology in the classroom can help personalised learning based on each student’s own interests and needs. As we know, not all students learn at the same pace, and such technology allows students to learn at a suitable pace. Educators can also review data to see which students struggle in certain areas and cater to their needs more effectively. Al tools and programs can help guide students more personally, monitor their progress, and give immediate feedback.

Improved communication 

Retention and communication go hand in hand. The more engagement there is with each student, the more likely they are to complete tasks. Many institutions use AI technology like chatbots to answer questions about college admissions required assignments and other actions. For example, Al chatbots can remind students to submit assignments, complete placement testing, select housing, meet financial deadlines and academic deadlines, and much more. Al helps colleges and universities to connect with students 24/7, providing immediate feedback and support along the way.

Technology is a prevalent part of our lives now and there are many ways to use it beyond social media and web browsing. It is also an integral part of the educational experience for students and teachers. When utilizing Al technology and automation features, educators can save time on mundane tasks and focus more on building relationships and communicating with students making use of AI tools for students.

Technology plays a central role in all aspects of our modern life, including higher education. In the present situation, AI and education are closely intertwined. Institutions have a responsibility to integrate new technologies and evolve through digital transformation and modernization. OneOrigin, one of the fastest-growing technology companies in the world, designs and delivers cutting-edge products and solutions around artificial intelligence and more. With OneOrigin’s state-of-the-art product, Sia, the world’s first unified Al engine is committed to transforming every university process and driving student success. Sia delivers qualified new student enrollment models, a next-gen personalized learning experience, true conversational Al, powerful data and analytics, and more. Transform your enterprise with the power of Al. Request a demo now!

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