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A prestigious private university in Northeast Florida, implemented Airr, with its aim to automate the transcript processing process. With the bulk-load of over 40000 transcripts, the Deployment of Airr at the university had a positive impact on productivity and accuracy. Key data fields are now automatically pulled from transcripts, resulting in quick turnaround times and admission decisions. The university has also experienced personnel resource savings on human resources because they are no longer required to recruit temporary workers to perform manual data entry during busy times. Scalability has been achieved by eliminating the need to divert staff from other departments.


Experience the next generation of transcript processing with AIRR by OneOrigin. Inspired by UT Tyler’s forward-thinking approach, discover how AIRR offers rapid and accurate transcript recognition through AI-powered technology. Seamlessly integrating into existing university systems, AIRR promises enhanced efficiency and reduced processing times. Gain deeper insights from UT Tyler’s leadership on why they chose AIRR to transform their transcript handling. Ready to streamline transcript processes at your institution? Schedule a demo today and be part of the AIRR revolution, where cutting-edge technology meets academic excellence.


OneOrigin is pleased to have partnered with Jacksonville University to transform its enrollment process using our unified AI solution -Sia. Through this collaboration, Jacksonville University streamlines its flow, reduce errors and delays, whilst improving the overall student experience. We are delighted to announce that we are inviting you to join our webinar where Jacksonville University will share its insights regarding the challenges it previously faced and how Sia simplified their processes. This webinar will provide a unique opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the benefits and value of Sia.


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