Requests served

Represents the total number of user requests served


Requests per day

Represents the average number of user requests served per day


Total sessions

Represents the total number of unique user sessions


Total responses

Represents the total number of successful responses delivered

Number of students supported by Sia™


Word Cloud

Word cloud represents the top keywords from various user requests targeted around a specific program or a department. 
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Realtime Performance Analytics

Sia's Dashboard provides you with complete transparency into the performance, while helping you understand the accuracy, high usage periods, statistics, ratings, high usage topics, and much more through a simple, yet powerful interface.

Powerful Insights

You will be able to analyze your site visitors behavior with powerful insights into the nature of a user request, true intent behind it while also highlighting some key metrics, such as, the number of requests per day, number of new queries, number of sessions, most inquired topics and many more…
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Location Map

Location Map section within the dashboard helps with exploring information about your global customers and you can understand the true nature of requests, inquired from which part of the globe.
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