Case Study  - Transforming Transcript Processing with AI: Success Story

Jacksonville University, a prestigious private college in Northeast Florida, implemented Sia, with its aim to automate the transcript processing process. With the bulk-load of over 30000 transcripts, the Deployment of Sia at JU had a positive impact on productivity and accuracy. Key data fields are now automatically pulled from transcripts, resulting in quick turnaround times and admission decisions. The university has also experienced personnel resource savings on human resources because they are no longer required to recruit temporary workers to perform manual data entry during busy times. Scalability has been achieved by eliminating the need to divert staff from other departments. Additionally, it is now quicker to obtain student data and academic records thanks to a reduction in the time it takes to fulfill transcript requests. Due to streamlined procedures and quick access to information, the staff and student experiences have improved, and the Admissions and Registrar’s Office now has more time to concentrate on selecting the best-fit candidates.