GSV Ventures announced 200 Elite Companies across Six Continents, that will present at the 2020 ASU GSV Summit as part of the inaugural GSV Cup sponsored by Google Cloud.

OneOrigin is super excited to be selected as one of the “Elite 200” companies who will compete in this GSV Cup and will present at the 2020 ASU GSV Summit, one of the most prestigious EdTech conferences. The ASU GSV Summit gathers leaders in government, education, and work advancing social and economic mobility by bending the arc of human potential through innovation.

The 2020 ASU GSV Summit was initially scheduled for March 30, but now rescheduled to September 29, in San Diego CA.

The GSV Cup is a uniquely cross-sector competition — spanning “pre-K to gray” sectors and including technologies in corporate learning and talent management, workforce analytics, early childhood, K-12, HigherEd and postsecondary education. The Elite 200 represent 21 countries across Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, North America, and South America.

“Unlocking the potential of our next generation, and enabling them to thrive in a rapidly changing world, means we must put our best thinking and capital towards innovating how we prepare individuals to achieve their potential through lifelong learning and engaging and dynamic work environments,” said Deborah Quazzo, managing partner of GSV Ventures.

“Super excited to be part of Elite-200 club @ ASU GSV summit. This is an excellent platform for innovative solutions like Sia™, and to present its true disruption capabilities in front of an ever-enthusiastic EdTech audience.” – said Abhinand Chincholi, CEO at OneOrigin.

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