OneOrigin is all set to showcase new features of Sia, the first HigherEd focused Artificial Intelligence framework at Educause 2018, to be held in Denver, CO between October 31 – November 1.Sia features around conversational user interface rather than jazzy the traditional swipes/clicks/type. “By unlocking the power of spoken language, Sia focuses on the intuitive power of language and meaning, using everyday language to communicate with students and their intent to learn and instills student confidence by validating their input and managing expectations earning their trust as well along the course. She is always listening, learning and engaging and by randomizing acknowledgers, provides a fluid and natural experience to the student.” explained OneOrigin’s product manager.


“We are very excited to unveil new Personalized Learning side of Sia to all the participants at Educause ” said Abhinand Chincholi – CEO at OneOrigin.


You can book a slot today, to learn and experience Sia at Educause!