Unified Artificial Intelligence Engine

Proprietary framework weaving together more than 72-leading cognitive computing platforms in the world. On-boarding Sia delivers organizations have the power of several cognitive computing platforms working in seamless environment, all focused on solving a use case.

Sentiment and Semantic Analysis

Understanding the emotion behind each tone and associating them with semantic memory to analyze interests, values, and personality as a whole, is what describes Sia. Thus helping you understand your customers in a better way and deliver Personalized Experience.

Always-Learning Unified Neural Engine

With deeply integrated Cloud & Cognitive Computing capabilities, Sia can mine vast business datasets to crack hidden trends and connections that humans miss, and allows it to be easily ingested and managed to train algorithms, and allowing deep learning models to scale efficiently. 

Natural Language processing

Sia with her unmatched machine learning algorithms is capable to read, decipher, understand, and make sense of the human language in the most efficient way.

Deep Learning

Sia imitates the workings of the human brain in processing structured and unstructured data and creating patterns for enable accurate decision making.

Meet REIN | Sia's Reinforcement Learning Engine

With Instant Adaptive learning and Auto-ML capabilities, Sia, powered by REIN, trains on the fly and provides a natural yet personalized experience to all the users based on their interest.

Advanced Computer Vision and OCR

With highly scalable Deep Learning, Vision, and Object Recognition models, Sia can identify objects, people, text, transcripts, and activities in images and videos, while providing highly accurate vision search and analysis.

Auto Machine Learning

Driven by cutting-edge AutoML algorithms, Sia has the ability to automatically learn and train on new datasets, improve from own experience without any human intervention.

Mixed Reality Assist

With advanced computer vision, graphical processing power, display technology, and input systems, Sia is designed to assist the evolution of Mixed Reality adoption, unlocking the possibility of blending both the Physical and Digital world.

Cognitive Data-Computing backbone 

Through the unification of leading data science and analytics platforms, Sia helps organizations predict with confidence and collaborate across massive datasets within several systems. Focused on data and its relational objects, Sia helps make better decisions and solve complex optimization problems involving trade-offs between business goals and constraints.

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Approach to always Deliver the Best

Similar to human thinking, Sia allows localized querying as opposed to typical search based algorithms that traverse the entire data set before trying to compute an answer. Sia is continuously trained to emulate this capability in order to retrieve information across a wider and more complex knowledge-base.
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